The talented Dionne James knows the meaning of hard work, perseverance, discipline and success. A Native of Queens New York had a humble beginning under the tutelage of Tulani Kinard who laid a foundation beyond her expectations.

Honed with unique skills, yet always eager for increasing knowledge, Dionne continued her studies under Marion Council George and Clem lue Yat  the Weave Master. Her devotion to natural hair care compelled her to become a Master Cosmetologist and Educator in the art of braiding. In 1992 Dionne opened the first exclusive Natural Hair Care Salon in Richmond, Virginia, called The Essence of Braiding & Weaving. Dionne‘s sought after signature hairstyles gradually revealed a need  to share her knowledge and skills; therefore in 1999 she started offering 2 day seminars on braiding with step by step DVDs.

With over 25 years of experience Dionne has taught thousands of students from China, Mexico, Canada, California, Jamaica and Texas to name a few. Dionne revolutionized the Art of Braiding with her creative eye and unparalleled talent. Her hairstyles have been featured in a myriad of prestigious magazines including Essence, Sophisticated Hair, Braids&Beauty, Black Beauty and many more publications nationwide.

In 2011 Dionne opened a Virginia State approved beauty school, Essence Cosmetology & Barbering Academy, offering classes in Cosmetology, Barbering, Natural Hair, Nails, Waxing and Individual Instructors course.

Dionne‘s vision behind the Art of Braid Sculpturing, led her to create signature styles called the Cobra Stitch and the Box Stitch that is incomparable to this day!

An opportunity presented itself for Dionne to work at a non surgical hair replacement clinic, where Dionne passionately helped women and men suffering from major hair loss due to Chemotherapy, Alopecia, and stress. In an effort to rebuild her clients confidence she began offering Laser Hair Therapy, non surgical hair replacements, integration systems, hair prosthesis and many other custom made hair loss solutions. In a never ending journey to innovate the natural hair care industry, Dionne produced Eusoyah.  Eusoyah is an organic natural hair care line that refreshes, rejuvenate, moisturize and nourish the hair and the scalp.
In a continued effort to be one of the leaders in our natural hair care Industry, Dionne will be publishing her book on The Art of Braiding and is currently the co-owner of the Masters Renee & Dionne, two businesses under one roof.
Dionne is dedicated and committed in providing great customer service, articulating the most creative hairstyles with ongoing education as a priority for her clients and students. 


Take a look at our amazing hair braiding and weaving styles that are trending right now. Our stylists are highly trained in today’s most advanced trends and techniques, and are dedicated to providing the best services. We carefully select and apply the best hairstyles and braids to fit your personality.

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“My experience with Essence of Braiding and Weaving has been amazing. Thank you Dionne!”

Patricia Jackson

“I have been going to this hair studio for many years and I couldn’t be more delighted.”

Melissa Cook


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