• Detangling natural hair

    Detangling natural hair

    Detangling natural hair can literally make or break it. Especially when it comes to kinkier hair types, this is the area of your regimen which if you are not careful it will be harder to retain length. If you notice a whole bunch of tiny wispy [...]

  • Known causes of hair loss

    Known causes of hair loss

    Did you know that 56 million people suffer from hair loss in the United States alone. When most people think of hair loss, they think of men. However, hair loss only affects 35 million men and 21 million of the 56 million are actually women. Hair loss [...]

  • The causes of dry hair and how to solve them

    The causes of dry hair and how to solve them

    The disturbed cuticle structure that leads to dry hair can be due to a variety of causes.  Here are a few, and what you can do to restore moisture to your dry hair: Thermal Abuse Can Cause Dry Hair.  Those blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot [...]

  • Protective natural hairstyles

    Protective natural hairstyles

    To prevent your hair become dry and breakage you need to choose a hair style that keep your ends protected. For the options, here is a protective natural hairstyle for black hair: Bantu Knots. Bantu knots are a protective hairstyle for protecting the ends without a lot of handling [...]

      Cutting natural hair

      If you have kinky hair, getting the right cut (and stylist) can be complicated. Even [...]

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